It's really easy to create a new Start A Fire account for your organisation. First go to:

Where you will see this form:

 Your organisation name

Your organisation name will appear at the bottom of newsletters to your supporters and petitions - so it should be the name people would commonly call you, not your full company name! 

For example: Bouncy Castles for Everyone, rather than Bouncy Castles for Everyone Corporation.

The organisation URL slug 

The URL slug is your unique link that will make it easier to find your organisation's petitions. As this is a link, it can only contain certain characters (hyphens) but not others (eg. spaces).  

For example: 

 Admin user name

The next three fields set the administrator name, email and password. It is important this is entered by the account administrator. Make sure you set a strong password as the account administrator will have access to your users' data. 

Organisation postal address

Enter your postal address. This allows people who sign up to your campaigns to contact you if they have a complaint as to how their data is being used. This is mandatory under the EU General Data Protection Regulation. 

Launch Start A Fire

That's it! You can now launch Start A Fire and begin your first campaign...  


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