To get started, first you need to think of your campaign name, which will automatically create your slug (direct URL) to this specific page. Once you’ve chosen your title, simply enter in the field and click submit. 

Next, you need to create your campaign summary, telling your supporters relevant information and facts about your cause. Give the summary a title in the relevant field, and you can use the ‘wsywyg’ text editor to adjust the appearance of your text, and images or links if you wish.

Once submitted, you will then be asked to upload a campaign logo, which will also be when your campaign is shared on social media, and will show in the footer of your emails. For best results please use a high resolution .png with transparency enabled.

You will then be asked to include a campaign image. This will appear on the campaign page and also be used to represent your campaign when it is shared on social media.

Next you can create a default header and footer for your newsletters for consistency. Think of something punchy and emotive for your activists to sink their teeth into.

Finally, you will be taken to a page where you can review all of your information before you post your campaign. Check each section carefully and edit at your own free will.

Now you’re all ready to launch your campaign!

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