On your screen, you will be able to see a field to enter your title, and a large preview block beneath. 

Who would you like to send it to? Select from the drop down menu of target lists and click on submit to take you take your body text page. 

Add the name that you want the newsletter to be sent from, as it will appear in the supporters inbox. You can also select which address the email should be sent from, and where any replies should be sent to. 

You can also choose whether to send your email out right away, or schedule it for a later date. For example, you might want to create it at the weekend, but send out Tuesday morning at 8am to get a better click through rate.

Once you have selected your style, and checked through your summary page to make sure you’re happy with the content and the details are correct… you’ll be taken to your newsletter dashboard where you can see how many emails have been opened in ratio to sent, and also how many replies or unsubscribers you’ve received. You’ll notice the handy progress bar creeping up as more people get to read your letter.

What might be a nice idea, is to practice sending some newsletters to some email addresses of colleagues or friends, until you are happy with how the functions work.

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