In the 'Newsletter' tab you can see sent, saved, and scheduled newsletters.

You can also create a newsletter by pressing Create New Newsletter.

Start by adding a Name for your newsletter. Then, choose the campaign you want the newsletter to be sent in. Submit.

On the drop-down menu you can choose who your Target Group is. You can create personalized target groups in Supporters. 


You can either choose a Finished Newsletter or Create Your Own. Preview the template by clicking on the eye. Submit.

Then, write what Name the emails should be sent from. Also pick which email they’ll be sent from and who the replies should be forwarded to.


Now you can choose to either Send Now or Schedule your newsletter for later.
To schedule it, you pick a date and time in the drop down menu. You can also choose another time zone to send it in.


Your newsletter is finished! Look through the details and make sure everything is correct. You can now send it, or save it to change or send later.

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