Under the 'Event' tab you can look at past events or create new ones.

To create an event, start by pressing Create New Event, and give your event a Name. A URL Slug will then be created automatically, you can change it according to your needs. Don’t forget to choose the Campaign you want to create the event for.


Then, choose which Supporter Details you want to be included in the sign up.  Remember that name, email address and their first line of address is already included in the sign up!

You can create Custom Fields to get the information you want for a specific event.


Now, write an Event Description to let people know what your event is about and why it’s important for them to attend.

You can use a template, HTML or write plain text, add pictures, tables and much more. 


Then, provide the Event Address and Postcode so people know where to go.

Now pick the Date and Time that your event will take place.

Great! Now you’ll design the Thank You Page that supporters will see once they’ve signed up. 

Write a Title and a Text for this page.


Supporters will also receive a Thank You Email for signing up. 

Write an Email Title and the Text by using our text box.

Then, choose which Email it will be sent from and write a Name.

And now you’re done! Double check the information before Launching The Event or Save It for later.

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